Caught short

Just as watch is finishing for Bernice she is in the loo and the engine starts playing up again!!! Why?! Well Richards guess is dirty fuel again and plans to change the oil filters when it’s cooled down. Meanwhile he starts the other engine after bleeding it.

Now in Nicaragua water around 0800. We catch a fish today but we let it go again. It’s a longbill spearfish, very pretty but also very skinny and not for eating. We resort to tinned tuna for lunch, it’s just not the same!

When Richard looks at the engine he reckons actually that it’s out of fuel and doesn’t need an oil filter change at all. We do have some fuel spare in jerry cans that we can empty into the tanks but it’s looking likely that even with this we won’t make it to our desired destination. A plan B required!

Dolphins appear briefly at the bow but either they aren’t very friendly Pacific side or they just don´t like multi-hulls as much, as they are not very playful and don´t hang around long.

We have some wind finally but it´s on the nose. This means motoring continuously but we already know that we won’t be able to for much longer. In fact the fuel is due to run out on the other engine around midnight so we are just down to our reserves… There’s not enough to motor whole way so we need wind in our favour to turn up! And quick!

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