That Truman Show feeling returns

Engine our side breaks, it develops an oil leak but it’s not long before it’s fixed though which is good news, the bad news is no fish to report so Spanish tortilla and salad for lunch. Oh and as a result of the nasty sunburn on day one and regardless of our efforts with aftersun cream we are both now peeling. Doh! The afternoon is spent reading and blogging. With a brief interlude to watch some dolphins.

The sunset is gorgeous tonight and we get that Truman show feeling again 🙂 When we bring in the fishing line not only do we have no fish, but our squidy has gone from the end. Looks like it’s been bitten off. There’s not much moon tonight and so it’s a great evening for watching the stars both in the sky and in the water (bio-luminescence) it’s really pretty nice. The only spoiler is the lightening still going on in the distance over the land, mostly sheet but some fork too.

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